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By Order of Maritime Regional Director, S. Kojcewska

UPDATE: Clearance has been restricted to Maritime Regional Director, S. Kojcewska only.

Logs concerning Dr. █████████ Redford's involvement with the Charybdis organism are restricted to Command and investigative personnel. Unauthorized review of its contents is punishable under Command Law 24.

This entry is SECRET. The information below contradicts the official statement made on █████████.

I'll provide the abridged text of my evaluation of Dr. Redford's mental status as written in my official report to his supervisors below:

Results from the examination reveal that Dr. Redford was an introverted, but highly personable individual, free from any sociopathic quality whatsoever. He was particularly keen on caring for animals and their offspring - unfortunate, considering his duty. He arrived to the interview neatly groomed, and in working attire. Nothing extraordinary was found in his mannerisms. His overall conduct during the examination suggests a high intellect. Patient was courteous and rather subdued. He responded to my questioning without hesitation. Questions of note included: his opinion of the Chaos Insurgency; his opinion of the Charybdis experiment; his overall view of the unorthodox experimentation on marine fauna, including its research into avenues for weaponization; and his personal life. His answers indicate the prevalence of loyalty to the organization above moral values. Patient showed little difficulty in recalling required information, and disclaimed any errors in his answers. Overall presentation suggests that the patient had prepared answers for possible questions before the meeting.

[REDACTED] was inconspicuously placed near the patient, posing as a mundane piece of furniture. I had it installed a day before the interview, as a precaution to saccharine-sweet, saintly and potentially deceptive examinees - a response to my last encounter with manipulative snakes. [REDACTED] is a crude lie-detecting machine, [REDACTED] any lies made by whoever casts a shadow upon it. A light fixture on the wall opposite the Item had been installed for that purpose as well.

Patient was not lying. He appeared to be a milquetoast researcher, attentive to animals and his fellow personnel. Analysis indicates he was not naïve, nor was he blissfully ignorant to the traumatic experiences and borderline-sadistic behavior of a number of his co-workers. Given his line of work, the patient has maintained a reputation to his co-workers as a meek, reliable, but ultimately task-oriented individual. Simply put, he is a sheep that is getting along fine with the wolves… and the sheep in wolf's clothing.

In light of the purpose of this evaluation, the patient has been examined to be in good working order with a personality appropriate for his task. It is the opinion of the psychologist that the patient be allowed to continue his assignment with the Charybdis experiments.

I fabricated two items on his evaluation. One, he was certainly disgusted with the Insurgency, and remarked that were it not for his ██████████, he would have reneged due to perceptions of animal cruelty in breeding Charybdis candidates. Two, he was lying, and he had been practicing his responses for three days before my interview. He was a pretty good actor, to his credit, before I told him to drop the act.

I don't know what you want to get out of this, Steffanie. But I hope you'll repay me for this. This is the truth, and we're certainly truth-seekers in this organization. Just don't forget, you never have just one shadow in the Insurgency. Reach out to me first, when we talk again.

- Dr. Martin Caduceus
β - Psychiatry Department - B6MED
This is an encrypted message.

The following excerpts have been collected from Dr. Redford's personal computer. Dates have been redacted but are listed in chronological order.

The following transcripts log Dr. Redford's involvement with the Charybdis during experimentation.

Video transcript at09-X-103: Final incident between Dr. Redford and security personnel:



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