The Dimensional Sword
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Item: "The Dimensional Sword"
Type: Anomalous Item Retrieval
Potential/Current Hazards Potential spatial displacement
Required Wear/Weaponry None, though caution must be taken while using the item
Location: Research Central Base: Four

The item is issued as Anomaly Retrieval for Item Retrieval Operatives. When the item is requested for use, it must be accepted by three Beta-Level Officers. The item is to be delivered by an item handler to the operative directly. The item is to be returned within 24 hours of delivery, if it's delivered late, the operative in question will be reprimanded. When the anomaly is located, the item will be used to teleport it into a pre-prepped containment cell.

Operatives are advised not to teleport using the item unless necessary, or transporting an anomaly.

The item is stored in a sarcophagus, the item also has a tracker implanted on it.
The sarcophagus and the sword both date back to Ancient Egypt. The sarcophagus is to be cleaned bimonthly, or it will produce an unnaturally strong odor. It is unknown how the sarcophagus produces the odor, as there is no body or remains in it. When use of the item is done, it is to be placed back in the sarcophagus, as it is only able to "gain" more teleportation's by staying in the sarcophagus for at least five hours.

The item is a sword found dating back to the Medieval ages. The sword has been found to be made of bronze, with traces of an anomalous substance, which is most likely the source of the item's ability.

The item can transport the user and any victims. The user of the sword does not teleport when teleporting victims, unless they need to. The sword seems to be unable to teleporting to broad concepts, such as land, sea, or sky. The sword also seems to have a limit of teleportation per day. Though it varies, it is usually five to ten teleportation's per day.

The sword seems to have a sense of self-preservation, as during a raid on Research Central Base: Four by the Global Occult Coalition, the item teleported to a small town in Western Virginia. The item was retrieved after it was found missing.

Dr. Salf's ongoing study into the item has revealed it capable of teleporting into different planes of existence.

Experiment 48-1
13:10 - Subject with camera is introduced to item and instructed to think of a reality where gravity is nonexistent.
13:12 - Camera recording captures a large creature superficially resembling a human toddler, floating around, and eating smaller, but still large creatures resembling ants.
13:20 - After eight minutes of observing, a creature of an unknown genus starts attacking the subject, and the subject attacks the creature, before fleeing to observe more of the world.
14:02 - The subject wanders until finding a town of what resembles a large ant colony, except they are speaking a language similar to Latin.
14:05 - The creatures notice the subject, and they attempt to attack it.
14:06 - The subject teleports to New York City, and the subject was terminated, and the camera and item are retrieved, and sent back to Research Central Base: Four.

This could be revolutionary! We're going to need to keep researching this. - Doctor Salf

Experiment 48-2
00:10 - Subject with camera introduced to item, and instructed to attempt to teleport to Hell.
00:11 - Subject complies, grabs the item, and disappears.
00:12 - Camera shows nothing but the subject, and the subject is incinerated after ten seconds. Contact is then lost with the camera.
01:10 - Item reappears in sarcophagus.

We're going to need to keep looking into this, these tests are going strangely. - Doctor Salf.

Experiment 48-3
14:05 - Subject with camera introduced to item, and instructed to teleport to Heaven.
14:06 - Subject disappears, and camera shows a large figure in robes, with face blurred.
14:07 - Subject falls to his knees crying, while fire surrounds him. Camera loses contact at this point.
00:09 - Item reappears in the sarcophagus.

Experiment 48-4
5:00 - Subject with camera introduced to item, and instructed to go into April 20, 1889, and kill baby Hitler.
5:01 - Item is unresponsive.

This damn thing can go to a world without gravity, but going into the past is too much?! - Doctor Salf

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