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Item: The Armageddon Arsenal
Living: No
Sentient: No
Potential/Current Hazards Item may be used for acts of terrorism or war. Acts prove usually successful.
Required Wear/Weaponry N/A


Item may be activated by GAMMA-level operatives for defensive measures. BETA-level clearance is needed for usage of offensive measures. Item is activated upon usage of keyboard, if the item recognizes the word you type in. Caution should be used upon using unknown weaponry.


Item is a 1.5m tall military weapons locker. Item is painted green. Item has a detachable keyboard in a slot on the left side of the item. Keyboard is from an Exidy Sorcerer, a computer produced in 1978. Item's keyboard is fully functional, and is not damaged.

Item's anomalous properties are activated when an issue or occurance is typed into the keyboard. If the keyboard recognizes the word typed, Item will produce a mechanical 'whir' as it locks itself temporarily. After the noise has stopped, item is unlocked. Upon opening the item after a word is typed into the keyboard, specific weapons appear corresponding to that specific word. Weapons are automatically stocked with a full magazine.

Supplementary Report A:
'WAR' was entered into item's keyboard. Item continued to make a 'mechanical whir' for three minutes before stopping. Item was opened to reveal two nuclear warheads and one fully-functional [DATA REMOVED]. 'WAR' is prohibited from being typed into item's keyboard as of █/██/2004.

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