DrCaduceus7: The Reservoir
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Accesing Incident-09

11:21 Thomas was sent out on a mission to kill ██████. ██████ was a person of interest and the Chaos Insurgency had to get rid of him fast.

11:45 The mission was doing fine, ██████ was killed. He was leaving through the garden until the item's docile state ended. He was looking into the air.

11:46 The item broke down crying. And fell asleep on the concrete.

██:██ The item got rescued.

The reason for this is unclear. Back in the Bathtub-05 facility a psychologis was requested, to gain more knowledge of the reason he broke down. (The idea is still waiting)

We don't know the reason for the action. Bringing Thomas for other operations without knowledge of the reason for the trigger is a bad idea.

The Administrater accepted this idea. Thomas won't be allowed on new hitman missions.

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