DrCaduceus7: The Reservoir

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Blood, smoking tires and two burning hot cars fill the senses of Henry's mind. Sounds of shouting can be heard through the distinct crackling of the gasoline fires as the toxic smell filled his maybe bruised nostrils. Henry and another, absent-minded, irresponsible man has just been in a car accident. His blue 2009 Toyota Camry is upside-down; flipped by his fellow accident-victim's larger BMW X5. The SUV, as he could remember despite the fact of the numb pain in his right ankle, careened into a tree where his fellow, who had just died just now, was impaled by a branch.

Henry's vision was impaired with the trauma, and a few specks of blood and dirt were covering his eyes. Footsteps, shouting and somebody shouting for 911 filled his auditory canals as his eyes darted across the images of passersby pointing at him, embers flicking off the paint job of his car, and his accident having ripped off a sensitive part of his trousers. He lifted his right hand slumped over his chest to see if he could cover it, only reeling back a second afterwards from the pain.

His brain was already calculating the damages and aftermath of this accident: a few thousand dollars in the drain, plus the fact he had lost the warranty a year back, and his date perhaps now messing around another man's not-burnt privies, because even in a possibly life-threatening accident, one should still worry about the future effects of it, especially on the pleasurable part of things. Also the finances part. Henry could feel a headache come along. He knew he shouldn't dwell on the future in a time like this.

A young man in a light-brown uniform cleared the debris next to Henry, apparently trying to offer medical support from his case of band-aids, gauze and other first aid. "Boy Scouts," Henry smirked in his thoughts, "always trying to help". The scout was saying something to him, although he couldn't hear, so he lip-read what he could: "Don't worry sir, ambulance's on its way. They'll have you in no time."

Henry gave the scout an appreciative half-smile before it transforms into a face contracting in pain. The scout nodded, then ran off. Henry knew he did this to get a badge or promotion to Eagle or something. But maybe the scout was just there to help. Yeah, probably.

The high-pitched shrieks of the all-too-familiar ambulance siren was thankfully coming closer as Henry's vision became blurrier and blurrier. He could see the men in green carry a stretcher, and some medical equipment. Two opened the doors to the ambulance's backroom while another checked on his dead companion. The other was vomiting from the smell of recently charred skin and gasoline. Finally, two of them went up to Henry, who was already suffering from the less desirable effects of third-degree burns on his groin and legs.

"Sir? Sir, are you awake? Can you hear me?" Strange. Henry could hear what the man was saying. He blinked his eyes hard, which is what he'd thought would be the affirmative.

"Good. You're gonna be fine. We're going to carry you into this here stretcher" Here, the man pointed at the neon green stretcher by his feet, "and we'll have you patched up and recovering in no time"

The fires were gone, too, Henry noticed. He blinked hard again and let himself be loaded onto a stretcher, not before the medic did some more medical things, though.

Inside the ambulance, the man was busy administering some things and patching up his burns. Everything ran smoothly to Henry's ears, with a stream of medical terms and the metallic clinks of medical instruments providing some good comfort as Henry drifted off into closing his eyes.

He would dream about his date and the dead guy who caused this whole accident getting it on in the place where they crashed, and tires smoking, and maybe that was just the anesthetics talking, and luckily as he opened his eyes, he was still in the ambulance. The drive was going smoothly, albeit a bit fast for his taste. And now it just slowed down enough for his taste.

He could hear, and that was good, but the moment he woke up, the crew was running around panicking. He heard them say something like "Doctor, what's wrong?!", and "What the hell are you doing?" and one big "TOO LATE!" as the man with the sepia eyes who helped him earlier kicked open the back doors, did a double back-flip out of the ambulance , his body rolling like a ragdoll as the crew crouched and panicked more.

The ambulance diverged from the route to the hospital, making its way to the highway out of the city. From the outside, the ambulance was running smooth. Until the explosion destroyed it, ending reality-bending Henry's fears of his date's carnal ventures for good this time.

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