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Item #: SCP-3762

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3762 is to be stored in a 4 m x 2 m x 2 m standard containment unit. An observation post is to be placed adjacent to the unit; one personnel of Level-1 clearance should be assigned to man the observation post and watch the unit at all times. The unit can be seen from the observation post through one-way glass. Entrance to the unit is guarded by one armed security personnel.

Approximate replica of SCP-3762 without SCP-3762-1

Upon request of at least three-fourths of the personnel assigned to the research and containment of SCP-3762, the HMCL supervisor, or the Site Director, video/audio recording and viewing of SCP-3762 may be postponed for a maximum of three days per month.

Under no circumstances is for personnel to attempt intervention of the assaults done to SCP-3762-1. Similarly, personnel are not to interfere with SCP-3762-3's treatments for a collapsed SCP-3762-2. All personnel assigned to SCP-3762 are required to undergo mandatory psychological examinations every week to avoid incidents.

Description: SCP-3762 is a cream-colored, antique Louis XV French-style bergères armchair, about 1.2 meters in height and weighing 31 kilograms. The chair does not display any anomalous properties by itself. Sitting on SCP-3762 is SCP-3762-1, a desiccated corpse of a human male, possibly of 30-40 years of age, wearing a 1960s-era business suit and a makeshift crown made out of ordinary plastic milk jugs and gold . Beside SCP-3762 is a plaque with words inscribed on in standard pen ink. SCP-3762-1 cannot be removed from SCP-3762 without damaging the corpse, as the two appear to bonded together in the molecular level at the extremities and the back. Forcible attempts to remove SCP-3762-1 from the chair results in the exsanguination of the removing subject through their mouths. SCP-3762 and SCP-3762-1 has been tested to be resistant to most forms of damage, including that dealt by SCP-3762-2.

Every day, at 1:00 AM, a corporeal entity designated SCP-3762-2 will manifest 3 meters in front of SCP-3762. SCP-3762-2 is a corporeal humanoid of Hispanic ethnicity, appearing to be male, 30-40 years of age, with multiple gunshot wounds on his torso. The time for SCP-3762-2 to manifest takes approximately 480 seconds, in a fade-in process. SCP-3762-2 cannot move during this time.

Every day, starting at 1:08 AM until 23:00 PM, SCP-3762-2 will run towards SCP-3762-1 and begin assaulting it in an attempt to pry SCP-3762-1 off the chair. SCP-3762-2 is very forcible in its attempts and is highly hostile during this period, although it will not diverge from its assault even when provoked. SCP-3762-2 will often be heard screaming insults and derogatory phrases directed towards SCP-3762-1 during its assault, and has been seen utilizing whatever objects nearby to help him remove SCP-3762-1 from the chair, including blunt instruments, firearms and explosives1. SCP-3762-2 is apparently the only entity immune to the effects of SCP-3762-1.

Every three hours and thirty minute intervals of SCP-3762-2's period of assault, SCP-3762-2 will cease attacking the corpse and will regress to its original position during manifestation. It will seem distressed and can be seen crying quietly. It will collapse on the floor in a manner consistent with extreme exhaustion and suffer symptoms similar to pneumonia. The entity will animate approximately 108 seconds after collapsing. During these intervals, SCP-3762-1's jaw can be seen moving in a manner similar to laughing.

During SCP-3672-2's collapse, another corporeal entity, designated SCP-3762-3, will manifest near SCP-3762-2. SCP-3762-3 has the appearance of a Hispanic woman in her late-20s, wearing a nursing attire consistent to that used during the 1960s. The entity has several stab wounds and gunshots on her person, most notably in the torso and legs. At her time of manifestation, SCP-3762-3 will attempt to help SCP-3762-2 recover. She appears to carry a torn plastic bag containing various biscuits, a bottle of water and medical supplies and will use this to SCP-3762-2's benefit.

Addendum: Compartment-3762-7, Notable Excerpts of SCP-3762-2's Conversations, Translated from Original Spanish


You spineless, pus-nosed brother, you coward who gave up his soul and his wife's vagina to have pathetic control over all he has ever lusted for, you swine-sweating goat! You do not deserve the world! You deserve Hell! You deserve Hell!


Why have you done this to her, Basilio? Why have you strayed from our mother's words? You drunk! You bastard! You indifferent dipshit who gave his dead ass to the Devil because he believed its snaking, fucking silver tongue! The same tongue that now slides inside your wife! Bastard!


What will our family think? Hm? You are a disgrace! A disgrace, disgrace, disgrace! You have soiled our souls with this act! You swine-licking, goat-farting assheart! Glutton for more, right! More! Always MORE!


This is all your fault. You let yourself be led, Basilio! You had everything stacking for you. You had the stars aligned for you. You had your wife. Was that not enough? You always wanted more, even when we were kids. You pathetic brother! You pathetic, large-headed, slobbering bastard of a brother!


During 14 March 20██, during SCP-3762-2's assault on SCP-3762-1, SCP-3762-1 animated and threw a left hook at SCP-3762-2, throwing SCP-3762-2 off-balance and causing unconsciousness. SCP-3762-3 manifested as expected, but was grabbed by an unknown force that threw her towards the corpse. [DATA EXPUNGED]

Upon the end of the incident, SCP-3762-1 resumed to its inanimate state. It reportedly said something prior to its regression.

"All you have said is true, Luis, my jealous brother. But I do not regret my deal. My time had come and gone, but it will still be my time. I still control what I have desired. I still own what I have desired. And that is better than any so-called curse. Because I own my desires.

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