Pilot Khamael
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Item: Pilot Khamael
Size: Pilot: 1.71 m; Khamael: 12.68 m
Type: Biologically enhanced humanoid
Living: Yes
Sentient: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards Emotional instability. Pilot is prone to fits of disobedience at critical stages of an operation.
Required Wear/Weaponry None.
Special Equipment
Location: Base Three
Primary Anomalies: Pilot and Khamael are Type-XIII regenerators. Inter-corporeal symbiosis.
Kill Grade II



Item during usage in Acquisition


Pilot Khamael is a highly resilient, self-repairing humanoid synthesized from two components: the vessel "Khamael" and the "Pilot," respectively referring to the flesh-crafted construct and the young human subject used for its operation.

Khamael is an artificial, pseudo-sapient organism resembling an endomorphic human male missing the epidermis and other features such as a navel, eyes, ears, genitalia and a central nervous system, while possessing increased muscle mass, bone density, and capacity for regenerating lost or damaged tissue.

Khamael is dependent on interfacing with its pilot's central nervous system for higher functioning. Even without interfacing, the object has basic instincts for self-preservation, i.e., absorbing tissue for nutrition, escaping from pain, and killing hostile forces.


Giant flesh monster. Is actually a bio-suit.

Sick, mangled teen pilots it.

It will protect Base-03 from attacks by SERAPH (name pending).

Written from the perspective of Alpha Commander Gendo.

Cue Cruel Angel's Thesis.

Teal Division isn't getting its hands on it. Interdepartmental politics.


Update: Khamael grossly enlarged. Shinji will now have to suffer intensely to operate it.

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