The Living Toy soldiers
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Item: The Living Toy Soldiers
Size: N/A
Type: plastic
Living: Yes
Sentient: Yes
Potential/Current Hazards May cause harmed to the any part of the body or even death if in a large groups
Required Wear/Weaponry personnel should enter with caution in the containment cell
Location: Research Central Base: Seven
Reported Anomaly: Plastic green soldiers that become alive


When there are no testing on this Item the lid of the bucket is to be kept close at all time and kept inside a standard containment cell any personnel requesting to interact with the Item are to get request from at least 1 Gamma personnel.

This Item can be use as patrolling guards around Research Central Base: Seven but are to make none of them end up getting lost or be misuse.


The Item is a Bucket full of plastic toy soldiers when the lid of the bucket is taken off at any given time the green plastic soldiers will become alive and sentient coming out of the bucket and then make a soldier line in front of whoever open the lid of the bucket the plastic green soldiers will do any task that is order by the person who open the lid for example marching,attacking, patrolling and guarding. Item was found on 5/2/20 where there were report of two people that were found dead in a mini van undercover field personnel were around at where the dead scene could place and later discover an open bucket lid with with toy plastic green soldiers at the back of the van and quickly managed to take the Item away from the scene secretly.

All the soldiers have different sized and all seen like to appear like just normal plastic green toy soldiers but they can move their arms legs as if they were normal people they can also can be seen to pick different small weapon that they have and fire like real weapon however it wouldn't cause that much harmed to anyone in a small group but when are in like a large group they can easily pin down any living being and try to rid off their skin to start shooting inside the body and this have proven to work most of the time.

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