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Photo of item shortly after recovery, positioned on rocks and photographed by a CI agent.

Item: "Mace of Annihilation"
Size: 60.96 Cm. in length, 6.35 Kg. in weight.
Item Type: Destructive
Living No
Sentient No
Hazards: The item has the potential to generate blast waves as strong as that emitted by a thermonuclear warhead. If the item is dropped, makes substantial contact with any object/surface, or is struck by another object with at least 10.19 Newton's of force, the blast wave will immediately activate.
Required Gear/Weaponry: Safety goggles to protect eyes from debris and wind, and a loose-fitting air-purifying respirator in the event that dust or smoke may become airborne.
Reported Anomaly: Deviation from standard Newtonian physics.


The item is to be used in the destruction or infiltration of targets, most often employed to destroy walls, barriers, and blockades, this item may also be used in order to dispatch living targets.

From the point of impact, the item will project a pressure wave with the force equivalent linearly in proportion to the amount of power applied by the user, increasing by approximately 432301.3 Pascals per .54 kilograms of contact force. The range is also affected by the amount of contact force, increasing by approximately 2.06 meters per .54 kilograms of contact force. When striking a target, the blast will be projected in the direction of the momentum of the blow. In order to activate the effects of the item, at least 10.19 Newton's of force must be made on contact, any strike of which would exert less than 10.19 Newton's of force will not generate a blast wave.


This item is a wooden mace, made from Olneya tesota or Ironwood, shaped into a spiral, wrapped with two strips of iron, and implanted with 12 iron spikes in a spiral formation. The anomalous effect of the item manifests as a disruption of Newtonian mechanics, more specifically the second law of motion, with abnormal reactionary force in proportion to the force of contact with another object. The effects of the item will not create recoil equivalent to the amount of force projected either, with the user experiencing less than 1% of the force that there would be in a non-anomalous scenario. THe item will also take no damage resulting from the detonations it generates.

The item is to be held in base-A20, within the Gregory-Clay Type-04 engine, designed as a means of utilizing the limitless energy the item is capable of producing. The engine works by the item being secured via three Kevlar straps to a 1.06 meter metal rod. The rod is secured to a dynamo

the chamber door is to be locked with a three-part key lock, each key held by one on-site beta-level commander. Any usage or testing involving The item must be approved by at least three on-site beta-level commanders.

The earliest known reports of this item were recorded in diaries written by both British and colonial soldiers in the revolutionary war. In these writings, accounts of an unknown man sprinting through battles in numerous locations throughout the war were recorded. There are cases similar to this in numerous wars and conflicts throughout North America. Soon after the formation of the Chaos Insurgency, coming to obtain this artifact was considered a high priority, and in the fall of 1972 agent █████ ███ uncovered communications between an SCP foundation operative and an individual referred to as "Lisa". Upon this, Alpha command was alerted and Unit C-12 "Ace of Spades" was deployed to recover the item. Unexpectedly the Foundation didn't become involved from here, and recovery was completely successful. It seems that the Foundation has been working for an extended period of time on retrieving the item, as public records of the true historical events no longer exist, now replaced with an altered recounting of events, with a small number of original documents remaining in the possession of the Chaos Insurgency.

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