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Item: Göddëlhært [ALPINE-13]
Type: Location
Potential/Current Hazards Item displays biologically hazardous traits, some of which are anomalous.
Location: Base 88
Required Wear/Weaponry Class-VII HAZMAT suits,
Reported Anomaly: [CLASSIFIED]


Agents must possess at least Gamma authorization in order to enter item. Research expeditions are not recommended unless approved by Beta+ administration personnel. Unauthorized access is grounds for interrogation and / or termination on the spot at the discretion of the nearest available administration personnel. As per standard designation protocol, tertiary designation is ALPINE-13.

Item will be utilized as a facility protection system if replication of the humanoid entities and the item itself if possible.


Item is a forest located in northern Iceland. Item displays no visual, auditory, or physically anomalous traits upon visual inspection. Upon entry, person(s) will experience a sensation that they are “being watched”. While experiencing this sensation, anomalous traits will begin to become apparent. At least [CLASSIFIED] humanoid entities will manifest within the canopy of the item, and will consume any intruders.

Air within the item has been found to be 97% fatally toxic. So far, 34 deaths have been attributed to breathing problems within the item.

Humanoid entities described within item resemble a hybrid of the species Homo sapiens and [CLASSIFIED]. The entities’ jaws hang loosely from the skull, and house sharp teeth. Despite this, the jaws of the entities remain intact. Flesh across the face has been stretched to the point of ripping. It is unknown exactly where the entities originated. They completely bulletproof despite the softness and apparent weakness of their flesh.

A cave within the item is carved with numerous [CLASSIFIED] and glyphs. The word “Göddëlhært” can be consistently seen throughout the cave. The carvings themselves are non-anomalous, but can occasionally drive person(s) with a MHRR1 of less than 3.6% insane.

Further Notes / Supplemental Documentation

On █/██/██, Agent Johann Williams encountered a human claiming to be Dr. Olson Carr. Database records indicated that Dr. Carr was a former researcher with Gamma security clearance who had been listed as missing five years previously. Dr. Carr fled when confronted with security forces, and is now providing the Foundation with vital intel.


Please submit to a retinal scan if you wish to proceed. If not, close this file immediately and notify your supervisor that you are required to undergo an amnesticization procedure.
Failure to comply will result in termination.

Exploration Log Transcript 11a-NVMR

Items Concerned: Nevermore


Assigned Team: SR-34a (Special Detachment) Codenames JACKAL, KITSUNE, DRAUGR

Witness: Dr. Xythinien (COMMAND)

Note: The document recovered from the [REDACTED] Nevermore specimen was traced biologically to a currently-owned warehouse nearby [EXPUNGED].


JACKAL: We've arrived at the marksite. Run a mic check.


DRAUGR: Check.

COMMAND: Proceed to the main entrance.

The team enters the designated location. A sign is flimsily pasted onto the door. It reads "FAMILY OWNED; L. COX".

KITSUNE: Name matches. Could be "Lenore".

JACKAL: Good eye, Kit. Let's move.

The door is rusty on the inside and fingernail marks can be seen.

DRAUGR: Command, I'd say-

Suddenly, the door closes, catching the team off-guard.

JACKAL: Okay, then. Draugr, with me. Kitsune, get my six. Remember to use the method of loci if you feel your mind is being… well, you know.

DRAUGR: Copy that.

COMMAND: Kitsune, I'm seeing something on your left.

KITSUNE turns to his left.

KITSUNE: イエスはキリストをクソ!

The other members of the detachment turn to see a flayed corpse hanging on a crucifix just below the highest window. Oddly, the blood has been drained from it.

JACKAL: Analysis, Draugr?

DRAUGR: Female. (Pauses.) Estimating 25 years of age at time of death. (Pauses again.) I'll need to get a closer look, but-

A high-pitched shriek comes from the other end of the building. The team forms a circle and removes their Beowulf rifles.

JACKAL: Command, can you scan for biological signatures?



JACKAL: Command?

COMMAND: Enable your high beams and look up, but slowly.

Jackal, Kitsune, and Draugr face the ceiling and oblige. The word "QUOTH" has been written twenty-seven times on the ceiling in blood.

DRAUGR: I'm checking it now. (Pauses.) Okay, if my headset's camera zoom is working, the blood is pretty damn fresh.

KITSUNE: How fresh?

DRAUGR: I'd say a day or two. (Pauses again.) If that can be called fresh-

Another shriek can be distinctly heard, this time recognizable as a laugh. An audiobook playing "Nevermore" by Edgar Allen Poe suddenly starts.

JACKAL: (Whispering.) Alright, get to the-

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