Creed's Cacodaemonical Codex

There are no items. ONLY ZUUL

"Tell me, Doctor…" Said Creed, spinning his chair side to side, the cigarette hanging low in his mouth. "…Have you ever heard of the Chaos theory?" He continued, as he stopped moving his chair. It was a loaded question, really. If I had answered "yes," he would go on some monologue, if I answered "no," he'd question my ability to work at this organization.

"Y-yes, sir. I have." I responded. I'd rather not be yelled at by Creed, again. His mouth curled up into a smile, and he took the cigarette from his mouth, exhaling. The smoke burned my nostrils, and I needed to force myself to hold in coughs. It's a horrible feeling, doing that.

"It's so elegant, so simple. The wing of a butterfly…" Creed started his speech, moving his hand through the air for dramatic effect when he said "butterfly." God, I hated this man. Pretentious, snobbish, stubborn. Acts like some sort of damned king. Creed gestured to the double pendulum in his office. "Swing that, will you?" I grabbed the bottom pendulum, and swung it. Creed watched it with a childish, giddy fascination.

"It's never the same. Not quite Chaos, but close enough. Doctor, Chaos is what we are. Unpredictable. We're a double pendulum, constantly in motion-" I tuned out. A long list of metaphors, a long list of bullshit. If Creed was Christian, he'd be an amazing pastor.

I tuned in again when he finished. "-and, as a result? We thrive. You're dismissed." Creed said, shooing me out. I closed the door behind me. God, I hope I'm not assigned to work with that idiot.

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