Dark Skies
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Item: Dark Skies

Size: N/A Varies

Sentient: Unknown
Sapient: Unknown
Usage Precautions: Do not use unless nessacary, usage limits are still unknown.
Handling Precautions: No living human is allowed within touching distance of item (especially during an immense state of peril) without the required clearance of three higher commitance members.
Location Site Anchor Sigma
Reported Anomalies: Morphing, shapeshifting, and Molecular Destruction.


Overall usage of “Dark Skies” is discouraged because upon first use item showed extreme outside burns and cracks. That damage only healed after a month. Unauthorized usage will result in demotion and probation. The intent of use to destroy item “Dark Skies” will result in an investigation -and if the cause is needed- termination may and can follow with no delay.
The item “Dark Skies” is as far as we can tell a weapon. And if a (human) organism is in peril and reached for it, the item will transform into the weapon most desired, but with the strength needed to kill or destroy any object or organism with the intent of harming the user of the item. Item will only work if the user is in genuine peril, and is not just in fear.


“Dark Skies’” natural form will never be known, and all further tests to try and reveal it are not to press on any further. However, the first encounter with “Dark Skies”, the item was a pure black spear that once tested, appeared not only bulletproof but impervious to any source of (outside) damage. During an incident involving [DATA EXPUNGED], a security unit had fallen down and reached for his sidearm. Note that when [DATA EXPUNGED] had first escaped containment, it smashed through a room where studies were ongoing on the item “Dark Skies” and after it rolled towards the security unit (in the form of a spear). the unit unknowingly picked it up, by the time he saw it, “Dark Skies” was a handgun. The security unit fired only one shot and (without the knowledge or intent) killed item [DATA EXPUNGED]. The unit noticed the item [DATA EXPUNGED] was completely gone leaving only ashes, and severe damage on the gun, and turned it in for repair and then signed it up for testing. During repairs and testing, no tool was able to break, remove or repair a single piece of the gun. The gun was later tested and was reported to have the same properties as the spear which had “gone missing.” And after a video recording of the previous incident showing the spear transforming, it was confirmed to be the same. Subsequently the item “Dark Skies” was classified as a last resort weapon. Only in the case of an object or organism being recognized that is poses a significant enough threat to humanity and needs to be terminated or destroyed with no remains, the item “Dark Skies” is an option and if approved can be used.
Item is to be stored in a simple containment room of average size. There is not any need for inside security. Two armed guards are to stay outside to make sure no one could enter without authority and proof, and possibly harm “Dark Skies” with the full intent of its destruction.
Item has undergone studies and is 100% in condition to be used for its purpose. The item is on standby for task.

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