Creaking door

This file has been Redacted by Dr. Martin Caduceus, Beta, Base Six

Once upon a time,
there were people fighting for there freedom, fueled by fun.
The people celebrated.
Times were hard, but they had each other.

Than things started to fall as one named Deny vanished.
He had felt dirty.
A few smaller names leaved.
They left notes with there Last Words for there piers.

Abandoned there work laid.

The one named Martin saw the sadness and the fading fun.
He called his piers to perform a cleansing of the past, to get ride of the things that reminded them of that what was lost, to make way for a clean future.
There History burned.
More turned there back on there work to leave, no longer held by legacy or friends.

60 staid.

In the same place they had celebrated they meet to see what could be done for the future.
The one named Martin and the one named Haos had a solution.

It was the reason the one named Deny leaved.
Both had brewed a potion of forgetting.
They had seen the hard times there people faced.
In this place of fun they all choose to forget.
They forgot there friends, there origin and there purpose.

New members would join the 60, but there was no reason to stay.
The 60 ether left not knowing where they came from or where to go or they staid, dying over the work they would never finish, and had long since forgotten the reason why they started.

There was no freedom, there was no fun, there were no longer people.

The one named Haos died alone, surrounded by forgetfulness of his own making.
The one named Martin to this day commands an army of ghosts, of people how are dead or have long since leaved, still trying to have fun and to still fight for freedom.

Than one day a stranger knocked on the door of the people long gone.
Martin let him stay, but he was dirty and not well spoken.
Martin let him stay in front of the door.

There he staid.
The stranger watched there neighbours flourish fueled by fun and dirt.
Martin spoke:"Why wont you be clean?"
The stranger answered:"That is not what I heard, not what I am here for. Why have you become clean?"
Martin spoke:"Only clean can we work. Only clean can we work. Only clean can we be free. I can show you how to give up on the dirt."
The stranger spoke:"I have seen clean. I have not liked the way the clean worked. I have seen where there way leads. It is not free to be clean."
The one named Martin spoke:"Than you are crazy. There is no helping you."
And Martin closed the door.

One year the stranger sat before the door, he had dirt and fun, but he was alone.

If no one has opened the door until today than he is still sitting there, working on his dirty freedom.

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