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Kindhearted Construct
Item: "Kindhearted Construct"
Size: 1.74 m in height, 59.3 kg in weight
Living: Yes
Sentient: Yes
Usage Precautions: Under no circumstances are for Insurgency personnel to inflict physical harm to the subject without orders
Handling Precautions: N/A
Location: Facility Argary-K1


Deploy subject in Sigma-class reconnaissance operations with camera surveillance confirmed present. If resorted to, subject may also be used to neutralize enemy forces. Retain a distance of 35 meters from subject during its active phase.

To enable its properties, inflict physical harm to subject. Remote controlled devices are supplied when removed from containment for operations.


Subject is to be contained in a custom cell isolated from the compound by at least 35 meters. Video surveillance is to be installed and monitored regularly. Should its anomalous effects activate, security is to wait until it returns to a docile state before entering.

Subject is a bipedal life form concealed by a stylized as a brown-furred creature with small horns and a reptilian tongue. Appearance beneath the costume is unknown; all attempts to remove it have activated its anomalous properties.

These properties activate when a human being attempts to physically harm it. Subject will become distressed and ignorant of surrounding people. Lingering its general area, subject will emit a circular field of unidentified wave patterns ranging 34 meters. Humans entering this field immediately enter REM sleep, remaining unconscious for roughly two hours. No affected individuals have recalled entering the field. Surveillance equipment feeds within subject's range will deteriorate to static, resuming functionality between 3 to 5 hours afterward.

Subject's active state lasts between 4 to 9 hours. Afterward, it will enter a dormant state. When not distressed, subject is docile and commonly stares at surroundings objects for hours on end. When in proximity of the human, it will attempt to playfully interact with them even if actively ignored.

Projectiles and weapons penetrating subject vanish upon contact, emerging from its body several days later. Resulting wounds bleed sugar free maple syrup before sealing seconds later. They do not activate its anomalous properties. The same substance leaks from its eyes when threatened, scolded, etc.

While incapable of vocalization, subject understands written Spanish. See Appendix B.

Appendix A
Subject was found in an abandoned warehouse by agents performing a HVI retrieval in Mexico City. Approaching the men who located it, one attempted pacifying the subject and activated its anomalous properties. Another team was deployed and lured it into a containment unit for transport. After extensive testing, subject was deemed useful and containment methods were established.

Appendix B
Transcript of subject interview by Dr. Kaller, translated from Spanish.

Dr Kaller: Do you have a name?
Subject: No.
Dr Kaller: Do you recall the events prior to your containment?
Subject: Yes.
Dr Kaller: Tell me.
Subject: Awoke someplace dark. Laid on a bed. Tubes in my arms. Masked people all around.
Dr: Kaller: What did these masks look like?
Subject: Too dark to really see.
Dr. Kaller: What did they do to you?
Subject: Poured stuff into tubes. Vision would blur or stomach would ache. One time I went numb everywhere. A long time later they took them out and threw me into a box. Took me somewhere far away. Ditched me in warehouse. One said I was disappointing.
Dr. Kaller: Is this the same warehouse we found you in?
Subject: Yes.
Dr. Kaller: Have you always known your language?
Subject: Always.
Dr. Kaller: When did you become aware of your abilities?
Subject: Before you found me, a thin woman found me in the warehouse. She screamed and attacked me and it happened. When she woke up, she cursed me and ran.
Dr. Kaller: Did you ever leave the warehouse?
Subject: No. Noises outside scared me.
Dr. Kaller: Alright. That is enough for now. Thank you for cooperating.
Subject: Will you come back?
Dr. Kaller: Probably.
Subject: Please do, it was fun talking.
The masked people it described could be a faction we may or may not know of. I'll research this further. More interviews are to happen soon. Perhaps letting it bond with me will help learn more? -Dr. Kaller.

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