Gender Striker
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Item: Gender Striker
Size: 203 M Height
Living: Yes
Sentient: Yes
Location: Zone ██, I██o████a
**Additional Note: Usage required Approval from 2 Alpha-Command Personel. Usage without permission resulted in Disciplinary Action and Heavy Interrogation


Item can be used for any Large-Scale Breach. However, it Primarly Used when SCP-RICARDO-CAK is Present for Countermeasures.


Item is a Humanoid having 203 M height, 48 M width, and Having 100 Kg Weight. The Item always Present With Naked appearence, Lacking any Clothes, even A Thong Oh my god, what have i done…...

The Humanoid Appears to Having a Very Strong Love interest To Any Male Humans and having a Strong Tendency to [CLASSIFIED] any Males he Got. He also have An ability to Run at Unusual Speed (Around 300Km/Hour).

When he Gets any Target in his Reach, he will Position Himself behind the Target. Then, without any Delay he Immediately insert [EXPUNGED] into Target's B-████, then he will Release His [EXPUNGED] and will repeat the Process again, albeit at Faster Speed. The Duration of this Retardation "Fun Times" was Unknown. It could Last for 10 Seconds to 1.5 Hours based on Previous Witnessess.
The Object seems Have no Delay between "Fun Times" and
Chasing a New Target. But The Target who gets Raped by the Object Suffers any Damage ranging from Permanent Vital Organs Damage to Death by Snu-Snu Constant Rape.
"What the…… Really ? No…. Insurgency wasn't that Crazy" - Beta-Command Hackusation
"Just Do it" - Alpha Command [CLASSIFIED]

Appendix-A : Origin

The Item was First Founded at One of The Secret Gay Bar in the London, UK. The Object appears to Raped an Unknown Man for almost 1 Hour before being restrained By Insurgency Agents disguised as Police Offiicer Claiming that The Object Did some High-Class Criminal Activities.

However, 5 Minutes after Accuiring the Object, the Foundation seems Acknowledged the Existence of the Object Before and Sent a Battalion Of MTF Red Army Russina's Wrath and Nine Tailed Fox to Accuire The Object before the Insurgency. But the Insurgency managed to Hold off and Sent the Object to the Safe Place, albeit suffering Moderate-High Casualties.

Appendix-B : Tests

Locations Events Results
Testing Chamber in Zone [CLASSIFIED] First Test, Evaluation The Object went Rogue and Raped atleast [CLASSIFED] Ammount of Personels, also a Total damage of [CLASSIFIED]$
[EXPUNGED] Village, Indonesia Large-Scale Test The Object achieved Same result as He did in the First Test, Evaluation
SCP-CAK Site-XD Part of #0947 Breach The object Helped Insurgency accuired several Foundation's Anomalies. The Object also Caused Several Foundation Agents Severely Injured, Primary on the Vital Organs

Appendix-C : Additional Info

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