CDC Site 11a

Wings of Wrath.

Operation 1108: Red Cell Death


Hidden in the Rockies, a high-level research facility codenamed "Base Four" oversees the development of the Insurgency's military capabilities and the advancement of anomalous warfare. The man-in-charge of the Item Arsenal, a doctor known only as "J. Creed," is preparing his forces to go on a warpath. His target? The facilities of his organization's many enemies, including the SCP Foundation's Site-57.

At the East Coast sits another key Insurgency facility, "Base Six," where several of its leaders from the United States and from across the Atlantic are looking forward to discuss a radical proposition made by an aspiring Romanian upstart. Bright, new ideas for conquest are blooming, and the Insurgency's Alpha Command is assigning researchers to expand the Arsenal, and assess the capabilities of the organization to begin a large global offensive.

The Insurgency doesn't pull its punches when it comes to waging war with the anomalous. As the summit draws to a close, and the bells of war begin to toll, the question everyone at both bases refuses to ask out loud is:

Will they deliver?

Important Characters

Dr. Martin Caduceus: A medical researcher and Item usage specialist for Base Eleven, assigned to studying the effects of various anomalous diseases and their potential weaponization.

Dr. Lewis Brine: Field research assistant and hunter-tracker. Martin's friend.

Agent Roderick Hockenberry: Selected observer of the 55th Field Observations Unit, assigned to personnel security and defense.

New characters in unwritten tales are not listed.

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Item: Misorian Key
Size: 13.5 cm
Type: Necrological Artifact
Sentient: Uncertain
Potential/Current Hazards Keep away from unidentified fluid emerging from chest cavity organs. Ensure that exhumed specimens are neutralized before usage.
Required Wear/Weaponry Standard laboratory or all-purpose PPE advised. Additional microbial protection above Type-3 strongly encouraged.
Location: Base Fourteen
Reported Anomaly: External regeneration (-III), Materialization (-V), Cognizance (-IX)


Item is used as an ad-hoc countermeasure for hostile acts, provided that operatives have terminated the enemy agent and secured their heart.

While there is no guarantee that the Sub-Item Beht retrieved can be of use to a particular scenario, they are instead highly valuable in providing clues and leverage to enact reprisal operations against entities involved with the deceased operative.

If multiple human hearts are present in the same area, priority for usage shall be decided by the Item Research, Usage, and Storage (IRUS) technician assigned to the operation. It is recommended that the Object is kept away from kill-positive scenarios until it is safe enough to retrieve the bodies.

The Item is highly favorable as a psychological tool in urban warfare, where the ties of a city run amok and the debts, grudges, and secrets of an entire population can be used to our advantage without the need for negotiations. By suddenly coming into possession of a soldier's pay, a spouse's favor, a child's missing tooth, or a warlord's treasured necklace, many allegiances can be manipulated to our cause.

As Sub-Item Beht can take the form of the deceased's most treasured possession, and owing to the material desires of basic Man, the Insurgency can retrieve large quantities of gems, jewelry, rolled-up banknotes and other valuables from as few as fifty hearts. A descriptive study from Balseong in 2019 shows that an average of 20,350,000.00 BSC can be reappropriated from executing small-time criminals in the rural province of Arata.

Item is magnetically attached to a pedestal inside a standard storage unit at the Anomalous Memorabilia Wing when not in use. IRUS currently denies access to personal use.

For convenience, a leather lanyard has been attached to the Item's handling end.


"Misorian Key" is a tarnished skeleton key made from meteoric iron.

While typical skeleton keys are designed to open many locks, any attempt to use the Item as such renders the lock's mechanisms unusable, although the object is easily removable. Human blood has been observed to leak from any locking devices for which the Item was used. The source of the blood is not known.

Object causes an isolated resuscitation of dead cardiac tissue within a 2.4 m sphere1. Corpses with intact organs will spontaneously regrow lost cardiac muscle, leading to the formation of a new heart and the generation of fresh, oxygenated blood at the sufficient volume to fill the atrial chambers. It takes roughly fifteen seconds for a specimen to be fully reconstructed; during this point, certain areas will initiate a heartbeat by mimicking neuronal electrical activity.2

"Situs Alpeh," colloquially referred to as the "keyhole," is a patch of damaged tissue near the interventricular sulcus that outwardly appears as a blood clot in the shape of a typical keyhole. However, inspection shows that it is actually the site where the metamorphosis of heart cells into rudimentary nerve cells occurs. It is observed that minute ionization of blood cells, foreign particles, and other microscopic material in this area provides electrical energy to the heart.

Should the object be imbedded into Situs Alpeh, a series of catastrophic changes in the heart will begin, culminating in tissue rupturing down two major lines, transverse and longitudinal to the interventricular sulcus. The resulting quadrisection causes the anterior side to split and expose the internal cavity, where Sub-Item Beht will be found.

Sub-Item Beht refers to any foreign object inside the internal cavity. Among the more mundane of recovered instances are currency, wedding rings, gambling paraphernalia, fingernails, bullet casings, rosaries, and lipstick.

The object has an unknown empathic connection with the deceased subject, appearing to be cognizant of the individual's unresolved "sins" in life. The nature of Sub-Item Beht seems to be determined by a particular transgression and has been majorly linked as a contributing factor in resolving the individual's crime.

Appendix (Operation Logs)

Recovered Sub-Item Beht:

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