Casefile Omega-0001

Casefile Omega

Investigation of the origin of the Insurgency

The Foundation black-ops task force Alpha-1 officially split away from the Foundation in 1948 and created the origin of the Insurgency. Within two years of the splinter, the commander of the task force - "The Engineer"- had established the Delta Command and constructed Base-0 with the backing of several supportive governments. Five years after the construction of Base-0, Delta Command was officially dissolved with the establishment of Alpha Command - CI membership at this point exceeds ███,███. There is a seven year gap between the splinter from the Foundation and the establishment of Alpha Command in which very little information is available on the CI archives.

Investigation Alpha - The Splinter

After agreement from the members of Task Force Alpha-1, a set of raids were carried out on Foundation facilities in which several artifacts with militaristic value were seized. According to eyewitness reports, the thought of splintering from the Foundation came from the leader of the task force - Lt.[CLASSIFIED] "Engineer" - and was gradually accepted by most of the members of the task force. During the original splinter raid, four members of the task force were unaccounted for, including the second in command - Warrant Officer Erick Adkins. Following the splinter raids, the Engineer and the remainder of Alpha-1 established themselves as "The Chaos Insurgency" and renamed the task force to Task Force 1

Around two months after the establishment of the Insurgency, a number of captured artifacts went missing from storage, and small raids on supply lines by an unknown organization had been reported across allied governments. Following established protocol, this organization was designation as GOI-01 and investigated. During late 1949, GOI-01 led a large scale raid on the Insurgent base of operations leading to the death of several Insurgency personnel and the capture of two enemy operators. One of the captured operators was Sgt. Amadoe Villegas, a formed member of Task Force 1. During interrogation, the GOI was revealed to be a militaristic organization called Ordo normalitatis, founded by Warrant Officer Erick Adkins to counter the actions of the Insurgency and that it contained many defectors of the Insurgency. Despite the expanding military strength of the Insurgency, GOI-01 continued to draw support from defectors of the Insurgency and may have received Foundation backing. Raids on supply lines and interference with operations continued until the mid 1950s.

Investigation Beta - The Formation of Delta Command

In order to better govern the activities of the Insurgency, The Engineer and remaining members of Task Force 1 decided to form "Delta Command" to act similarly to the O5 Council of the SCP Foundation. Despite constant harassment by GOI-01, the first CI facility - Base-0 - was successfully constructed on the remains of an abandoned Foundation Facility in early 1950 and was designated the HQ of the Delta Command and the center for global CI operations. Following the establishment of Delta Command and the construction of Base-0, an indeterminate number of supportive governments - primarily from the Middle East and Africa - began providing funding to CI operations in exchange for access to the anomalous arsenal.

Following with procedures established in Task Force 1, Delta Command consisted of seven members - one for each of the original members of Task Force 1 minus The Engineer. The original members of Delta Command consisted of the three remaining members of Task Force 1 and three leaders selected by The Engineer. Delta Command begun conduction major operations within the first week of its formation, with a major raid against Foundation outposts and a counter-strike against GOI-01 happening within this period. Following the collection of a number of artifacts from Foundation facilities, The Engineer was tasked with the creation of an item template to properly categorize Insurgency assets. Although unconfirmed, there are some reports of the members of Delta Command being reached out to by the Foundation with offers of compensation and protection if they would leak information regarding CI operations. There was no recorded case in which this offer was accepted by any members of Delta Command. With the establishment of Delta Command and the construction of Base-0, Insurgency operations continued mostly unhindered throughout 1950 and 1951.

Investigation Gamma - Incident 0

Despite relatively smooth and unhindered operations throughout 1950-52, a CI outpost was attacked and destroyed in the first recorded operation of the newly activated Global Occult Coalition during early 1953. Despite similar intentions, it is still unknown whether GOI-01 made contact with the GOC to properly coordinate activities. Following the destruction of the outpost, Delta Command unanimously agreed to institute emergency security measures for Base-0, and the newly built Base-6. After a small scale raid made by GOI-01 against an Insurgency supply convoy, it is presumed that GOC assets responded to reports of unusual gunfire and managed to scare off GOI-01 operatives and secure the convoy, which contained cartographical information regarding CI facilities.

On 6/23/1953, a joint attacking force of Foundation and GOC assets attacked Base-0, where the Delta Command was currently holding a security meeting. Very few details regarding the fighting around Base-0 still exist on CI archives, possibly due to GOI-01 or Foundation involvement. However, as a result of the fighting, Base-0 and the majority of the anomalous arsenal were destroyed, two members of Delta Command were killed, and The Engineer was designated MIA. Following this attack, all Insurgency operations across the world were terminated and the remainder of the CI assets were transferred to Base-6 and it was established as the new HQ of CI operations. As part of established security protocol, this event was designated as Incident-0 and described as a large-scale GOC raid on Base-0.

Investigation Delta - The Defection

After Incident-0, new representatives of Delta Command were elected to replace the ones lost in the raid and the meeting place of was moved to Base-6. For the remained of 1953, Insurgent operations were kept on hold in order to prevent another GOC raid on Base-6. In Early 1954, Insurgent operations were resumed worldwide and the anomalous arsenal began to be rebuilt. During this phase, there were several reports of personnel going missing across the world and occasional reports of low-value artifacts going missing. The majority of these cases were explained by GOI-01, who were beginning to step up guerilla operations following the destruction of Base-0 and the drastic weakening of the Insurgent military.

After the capture of several GOI-01 agents during a failed raid on under-construction Base-4, the location of the GOI-01 HQ was obtained via interrogation of one of the captives. In early 1955, a large Insurgency strike force was sent to attack and destroy the GOI-01 base of operations. Wanting to confront WO Erick Adkins as to his decision to go against the Insurgency, the last original member of Task Force 1 - Josephine Caisse - requested to lead the strike force. There is no record of the events of the raid on the CI archives, however the information that Josephine Caisse saw or heard is presumed to be the reason for her resulting disappearance after the raid. In mid 1955, a small package arrived at Base-6 with orders for it to only be opened by Delta Command. The contents of the package were unknown, however one week later there were several explosions originating from inside of Base-6. After this event, all members of Delta Command were reported missing - alongside a few anomalous artifacts - and a card bearing the logo of an organisation now known as SEPIA was found in the meeting room.

Following the defection of Delta Command, the Insurgency cell leaders decided to enact an emergency protocol to elect a new ruling Council, called Alpha Command by Insurgency personnel. In order to prevent the lack of information regarding the events prior to the "Defection", proper recording and archival procedures where established and the CI database was created. Before the discovery of SEPIA during raids on Insurgency facilities, the members of Delta Command were presumed to have returned to the Foundation. To date, the whereabouts of the members of Delta Command are unknown. It is theorized that The Engineer may have also defected with the members of Delta, although he was declared KIA by Alpha Command in 1960.

Note from the creator

The following investigations are completely fictitious and originate from my opinion regarding the events that created the Insurgency. Due to the nature of the events, the following will likely create clashes with existing cannon created in various item reports.

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