Blast fishing

Why are we storing items in an under construction facility! Why?

Potential Solutions:

  • please do not store Insurgency assets in some guys home that is under construction… please

Mission briefing

As one of our operatives pointed out, we do not store anomalies offsite.
The practice of the group known as the Zeta Cell was considered a failure to most, but the results speak for themselves.

Not only did Zeta managed to capture multiple agents of other GOI's, but to also cause enough damage that we were reminded of their presence.

Zeta has accidentally accomplished the goals we spent a whole lot of money on.

ALPHA Command has noted that the damage caused by improper item use — by the Zeta Cell — already approaches damage caused by CI Operations that had cost thousands of dollars and highly specialized personnel.

Since the Zeta designation is not yet approved, cooperation with Zeta as a part of the Insurgency is currently impossible.

Operation Blast Fishing is an attempt of ALPHA Command to capitalist on the formula of the ZETA Cell.

Recreateable anomalies are to be placed in normal environments, especially in homes which otherwise have no connection to any paranormal activity.

Placing items with a high containment failure risk are encouraged.

Our unit will begin laying out these anomalies with three purposes:

  • Capture of GOI Personnel
  • Gaining knowledge about the anomalies
  • Cause Chaos and Destruction


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