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To Rule the Beasts of the Land

The Child of Horrors, The Prophecy of the New St. Martha, Bringer of a Kingdom of Tamed Monsters, She Who Is Loved By The Scornful


An old prophecy exists that detail the birth of a child who will possess great power. It is said she will tame great, hateful beasts with a lust for death, and will be among them not out of desire but due to having no choice. This is a sad story of what is to come.



Painting of the prophecy depicting the New St. Martha with the Tarasque.


Traits: The prophecy states the child will be a human female. There will be nothing physically unique that will be obvious for easy identification.12 The traits she will possess is black hair, pale skin, and brown eyes.345

They will be nothing unusual after the child's birth but later in her life one will start to see her as monstrous as they stay within her presence long enough.67

Nature: The child will be calm and soft-spoken. Her personality will be pleasant and kind. It would be rare to see her upset over anything. She'll have an above average intelligence.

will possess the ability to never die. As mentioned earlier, anyone that

History & Associated Parties:


Other Detail:

Observations & Stories

"Lo, gaze upon the horizon! Behold the Unholy Child loved by Nameless Horrors ride on the back of the Great Dragon! Lo, see the abominations surround them, marching along side them! In the name of all that is holy, she must be slain!" - Excerpt from The Lost Visions, Chapter 26.

There has been many



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