GOI-001 "The Chicago Spirit"
GOI-002 "The Chaos Insurgency" (also GOI-003, GOI-055)
GOI-003 "Kingdom of Abaddon"
GOI-004 "Church of the Broken God"

  • GOI-004A "The Broken Church"
  • GOI-004B "Cogwork Orthodox Church"
  • GOI-004C "Church of Maxwellism"

GOI-005 "The Fifth Church"
GOI-006 "Nobody"
GOI-007 "Global Occult Coalition" (also GOI-011, GOI-016)
GOI-010 "The Factory"
GOI-012 "Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd." (also GOI-121, GOI-132)
GOI-013 "The Journeymen"
GOI-014 "Prometheus Labs" (also GOI-2312)
GOI-016 "Horizon Initiative"
GOI-019 "The Serpent's Hand"
GOI-021 "Pinkerton National Detective Agency"
GOI-023 "SS Ahnenerbe Obskura"
GoI-041 "The Vātula"
GOI-059 "Alexylva University" (also GOI-388)
GoI-074 "Church of the Red Harvest"
GOI-102 "Unusual Incidents Unit"
GOI-116 "Ambrose Restaurants"
GOI-165 "Euclid's Daughters"
GOI-187 "Daylight Huntsmen"
GoI-188 "Brotherhood of Night"
GOI-189 "Enders"
GOI-192 "Meat Circus"
GOI-233 "Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting"
GoI-246 "The Solomonari"
GOI-256 "Creations of Man"
GOI-311 "The Hope Crusade"
GOI-385 "Esoteric Order of the White Worm"
GOI-386 "Dr. Wondertainment"
GOI-432 "The Hunter's Black Lodge"
GOI-466 "Wilson's Wildlife Solutions"
GOI-490 "Adytum's Wake"
GOI-945 "The Crimson-Sash Mining Co."
GOI-1109 "Parawatch Wiki"
GOI-1115 "Anderson Robotics"
GOI-3004 "AquaS Conservancy for Penguins"
GOI-3088 "Church of the Second Hytoth"
GOI-5869 "Gamers Against Weed"

Light Courier Enterprise
Children of the Scarlet King
The World Parahealth Organization
The Universalist Order of the Æsir
Servants of the Silicon Nornir
The International Center for the Study of Unified Thaumatology (formerly The Holy Order of the Golden Dawn)
The Imperial Japanese Anomalous Matters Examination Agency (IJAMEA)
Australian Church of Australia
Children of the Torch
Towards Hymn
The Betrothed

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