A mystery indeed

Darkness surrounds the area, seeming like an endless room of nothing but the void. He lays down in despair as he watches her. A man full of hope, made hopeless in just one move. He wonder’s if he could’ve prevented this. The so called “Man with the Iron Heart” full of tears streaming down his face, barely lifting a finger to wipe them, or even cover them. As it happens, he watches every moment of it, the memory that’ll last forever, a burn that would leave its mark forever…

“Sides!” Tyler shouted.

“You dozed off again!”

“Sorry dude, it’s just boring, I signed up for this job hoping it would be more interesting, instead I’m stuck with a dog that’s just fast.”

“Isn’t that interesting? You own a dog that could literally protect you! Remember that Head Researcher that got annoyed by you and the dog charged at him?” Tyler said in a way you’re trying to convince your mother to buy a toy for you, he always was an ecstatic one.

“If we had something like that in Iran, I’m sure it would’ve given my squad a moral boost and send the terrorists back to their caves!”

“Hey, you know there’s a chance the dog is just super good at doing what it was trained to do. I barely own the thing too, it stays in a cell with basic things for the poor thing’s entertainment.” I said.

As Tyler paused thinking for a response, the Sarge alerted everyone that the “Attack Dog” has cleared the area, and now I have to calm him down, man I was hoping for more than this. Much, much more.

“Man, it’s finally graduation day! I can finally try to get that dream job of making movies now!” I said to my friend Sides.

“Not like any company would hire you, your resume would probably be like: Jenny, age 21, still peed my pants at 8th Grade.”

“Shut up!” I said in a playful tone, pushing his right shoulder lightly.

“Anyways, what are you going to do anyways? You never talked about which coursed you entered!"

"Well, I wanna be a veterinarian."

"Huh? A vet? As in for animals?"

"Yeah, I enrolled for a de-"

I laughed cutting him in what he was saying.

"Aww, how cute! The "man with the iron heart" wants to be cuddled by puppies!"

"I just want to help the poor animals, I still miss Max y'know?"

"Oh please, your sister was the one sobbing when he died. You just teased her for it!"

He paused, thinking of a response, I'd sigh.

"You should really learn how to response faster, or else you'll loose every argument. How about I teach ya?"

"Like you could teach properly."

"See? You're already learning! Aren't I a good teacher?"

After a while of talking, we got called in for our diplomas on stage. Then, once the ceremony ended, we parted ways to have parties separately with our families. We became busy for a year. We had applications to fill out, training, working and other stuff. We could only text each other for 10 minutes at night. But, tomorrow is a holiday since y'know, it's Christmas! We plan to meet up at an amusement park and I guess party all day for all the hard work we've done. I'll also use this as an opportunity, I hope it goes well though.

"Let's take him to the vet and give him some shots."

"Can't honey, the vet is a bit far it will close when we get there."

"Huh? I'm pretty sure Houstan's Clinic is a few steps away."

"They closed down just last month."

"What happened?"

"Houstan told me that ever since

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